Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pipe Fittings Applications and Example Part 2

In my previous post, I have enumerated several pipe fittings Philippines, in this post; I will continue to add more types of pipe fittings and their example.

This is just brief descriptions of additional types of fittings, and there may be more of them and not posted here. 


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Pipe Wyes are another pipe fitting that allows one pipe to join another pipe at some degree or angle. It is named as Wye because its name suggests, it is a Y-shaped fitting.


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Reducers according to Wikipedia is the component of a pipeline that reduces the pipe size from a larger to a smaller diameter. Normally, the length of the reduction is usually equal to the average of the larger and smaller pipe diameters. This also has two types, the concentric and eccentric reducer pipe fitting.

End Caps


End caps are pipe fittings that terminate a run by closing an end of the pipe. This used to stop liquid flow in a pipeline system.

Wall Anchors and Water Stops

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Wall anchors are used as a support for pipes by strapping it around the pipe within a wall. This makes the pipe secure, aligned and supported from possible dents from the wall. The movement of pipes is also reduced. Water stops are used to ensure that prevents thrust movement and ensure positive water sealing.

Branch saddles

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A pipe saddle is a structure that consists of a saddle and integral base that support the pipe by transmitting loads of forces to the adjacent structure. And branch saddles are used to make this support much stronger so the load is handled properly.

Transition Fittings


Transition fittings are the type of pipe fitting that is used mostly in natural gas distribution and systems. Most joint meeting in a piping system is supported by transition fittings.

Butterfly Valve Spacers

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The spacers are the types of fittings that are used in butterfly valves and are placed between flanges and valve to prevent damage to the disc when opening the valve. The flanges must be positioned properly and the disc must be partially open.

That’s it folks, the second part of the post is done. Stay tuned for more pipe discussion.

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