Sunday, November 1, 2015

Colors and Uses of PVC Pipe in the Philippines

colored pvc pipes in the Philippines
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes are the most commonly used material for piping systems in the Philippines. The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an internationally recognized organization that develops and publishes the standards for the pipe’s pressured and non-pressured applications.

General Uses

Some of the widely used applications of it, as per,  are piping systems for plant irrigations, sewers, drain-waste-vents, water service lines, water mains, conduit, and various industrial installations.


The above-stated uses of PVC for piping systems were based on the quality of the material to provide a long usage lifespan, resistant to corrosion, environmentally sound, easy to install, cost effective, and widely accepted. That is why many companies are using PVC for most of their piping systems. It can even last for a hundred years.

Color Indicators
Electrical Conduit
Gas Distribution
All Purposes

Speaking of pipe uses, according to,  there are some indicators to know which type of pipe is to be for every piping system. For most water systems, blue colored pipes are used in main pipes. For most fire systems, red colored pipes are used. Purple colored pipes are used for water reclamation systems.  Green colored pipes are used for sanitary water systems. Orange colored pipes are used for telecommunications pipelines. Gray colored pipes are used for electrical conduit systems. Yellow colored pipes are used for gas distribution lines. And the white colored pipes are used for all types of applications.

Of all the other products invented or discovered using PVC, the pipe is the most commonly used and marketed since the second world war. Aside from that, other materials for making pipes are so scarce during that period, that is why PVC prevailed among them and made its name throughout those past years as the most cost effective and reliable piping material.